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Advantages of School Auctions


In the backdrop of a struggling economy, public schools have been hit by a cut in budget for resources. As a result they have to deal with reducing essential services and support staff. A school is always in need of resources for funding field trips, playground equipment and art and craft supplies among other services. In such a case, school auctions serve as a good medium to meet the needs of the children of the community so that they are not deprived of a good educational experience.

School auctions are a great way to raise funds to cater to the school’s needs. The funds raised from the school auction are directly used for academic activities and extra-curricular programs for the children. The money raised during these auctions can be earmarked for a variety of needs such as providing financial aid, developing curriculum programs, benefiting community research and improving staff salaries among others.

The best way to conduct an auction would be to hire the best auctioneers for making the event a success. It helps if the auctioneers are friendly, their professional and personal touch should encourage the donors to smile through the bids. Fresh ideas always make an auctioneering event more successful and may bring in money faster and in an easier way. The more such events are conducted, the easier it gets each successive year.

Donations for School Auctions

Schools can solicit the services of local businesses to act as sponsors for the event. Contributions could be the form of gift cards, certificates, or any goods and services that would provide enormous help in the school’s fund raising goal. Parents can contribute to a school auction according to the skills and talents they possess. It could be teaching a class after the school hours such as supervising a crafts or game session. Parents adept at baking can offer to bake cookies or donate baskets filled with food, beverages or base it on any theme such as an Irish basket or basket with lotions for ladies. This would be a great hit and people are sure to buy them. Alumni, students and teachers can also be approached to donate for a school auction as they understand the cause of a non-profit fund raising auction.

Ideas for Auction Items

It helps to come up with creative ideas to collect auction items so that it turns out to be a successful event. An auction that features quality items draws a better response and can make the guests be a part of this event every year. A popular fund raiser would be to organize a family night at school with entertaining events. Tickets generally get sold quickly as families enjoy a night out with friends. Organize a good committee to focus solely on securing donations that will yield better results. Apart from local businesses, large companies can be solicited to help towards the event in the form of goods or services. It could be from Dance schools, Home Centre, Banks, Jewellers, Exercise class, Ski Areas, Gym Membership, Museums, Celebrity items such as signed photos, sports equipment and other memorabilia. It would be a good idea to have a combination of fund raising programs with on-going sales and social events to gather crowds and raise the necessary funds for the school.

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