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Homeschool Learning


Homeschool Learning is when children are educated at home by parents or by qualified teachers rather than receive education in a formal private or public school. This practice is an alternative prevalent in developed countries. Parents thus can legally opt for providing education to their children in the privacy of their homes.

Some parents prefer homeschool learning as a way to groom their children in their own style. In cases where children are under the guidance of a teacher or tutor, it is like forging a relationship wherein the teacher mentors the child through his learning years and gets to know the childís strength and preferences.

Homeschool learning can be used to supplement the existing education at schools that are not fully equipped to provide quality education to children. Some parents prefer homeschooling by following the curriculum of correspondence schools.

Why is Homeschooling a preferred mode of Education?

Parents in the United States may prefer homeschool learning for their children for a variety of reasons. Parents may be dissatisfied with the quality of education provided at formal schools. They may not be happy with the environment prevalent at schools and want to keep their children away from negative elements such as drugs, bullying and peer pressure. Moreover, they see homeschool learning as a better way to disseminate moral and religious instruction. At times homeschool learning becomes a necessary mode of educating the child when families are stationed abroad for a short period or are living in isolated locations where distance and travel time may become a major obstacle.

Homeschool learning is a preferred mode of education by parents who have children with special needs or suffer some learning disabilities. They feel they can provide the child with a more flexible learning environment and cater to his specific needs than the learning environment provided at a private or public school.

Why Is Homeschool Learning Opposed by Some Teachers and Schools?

Some teachers and school organizations oppose to homeschooling due to a variety of reasons. It could be dissatisfaction with the standards of academic instruction and the fact that such children miss out on interacting with others from different religious and social backgrounds. They also cite that it may pave the way for religious extremism and individualism that may not fit into a normal community or society. Moreover, being subject to the parentís or tutorís teaching, the children may be deprived of other meaningful points of view.

How to Provide Better Homeschool Learning?

Some of the flaws of homeschool learning can be remedied if parents remember the importance of social interaction while homeschooling a child. Its best to get such children engaged in some kind of activity or sports that they enjoy. It helps to provide a learning environment that works best for your child. It may not be the same for all children. It is necessary to plan a curriculum from among the vast methods and material available. Apart from books, the Internet can be a good resource to learn about the various methodologies that are available for homeschooling. The best way would be to research and organize how to teach important areas of Art, Sciences, Mathematics, Music and Social Sciences. By enlisting the support of local groups, parents can be assured that they are on the right track.

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