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Items for Homeschool Learning


Homeschool learning is legally accepted in the United States, but each state has its own laws on homeschooling. So the best way to comply with the laws is to seek the help of a support group in your local area. There are many choices available for homeschool learning, and selecting a suitable curriculum to suit the needs of the child becomes a challenging task. While it cannot be the same for every child, it may also not work for the same child in consecutive semesters. It may be difficult to meet the educational needs of the family by just adopting a single curriculum. Instead an eclectic blend of homeschool programs can be more effective to educate children.

Different Methods in Homeschool Learning

Different methods can be used for Homeschool learning. It could be Unschooling wherein the students are allowed to study subjects that they are interested in. Some parents may prefer to adopt the Montessori or Waldorf methodology or Charlotte Masonís methods. Global Student Network offers a comprehensive online curriculum or you could follow an online school. Some chose an eclectic blend of different methodologies to provide a well-rounded education.

A public library would be a good source of books and curricula, to start homeschooling.

Library Card

Get a library membership for your child and make a visit to the library an enjoyable and necessary part of homeschooling. It is a great way to inculcate reading and self-learning in children.

Be a part of a Support Group

It helps to interact with other homeschoolers, and the key is to find a support group that provides the right help to your family. Support groups play a major role in helping to choose a suitable curriculum, follow the state laws, keep record and encourage children to participate in various activities.

Record Keeping

It is extremely essential to keep an ongoing record of the childís homeschool learning. It could be in the form of a simple journal or a more organized format on the computer. There are many Record Keeping Forms that are available free on the net or you could opt for any record keeping systems that are available at a fair rate. Maintaining a portfolio is also a good idea as it focuses on the materials that the child has learned and understood.


Each family has its own needs and itís important to schedule a homeschool day that suits the family. Many homeschool scheduling forms are available free on the net that can guide you to plan your daily schedule. Plan out for the whole year and then schedule it into quarters and months before getting into the details of an everyday plan. Some children may be more productive in the morning hours while other may prefer afternoons or evenings. Plan your schedule to accommodate the time that you find the children most productive.


Remember to involve children in any sports or activities such as music or drama classes, scout groups or youth associations. Besides, plan excursions to places such as airports, markets, gardens and so on. This would give children an opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and situations, and is in no way limited to interacting with students of the same age group as in a formal school environment.

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